Dr. Marsha Swindler

Doctorate Degree in Special Education

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  • inservice training sessions for teachers
  • curriculum ideas for special education students in the mainstream
  • suggestions for adapting curriculum
  • providing equal opportunities to learn from alternate styles of comprehension
  • Multiple Intelligence inventory of strengths
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Recognizing Social Issues in Education

Mainstreaming special education students into regular education classrooms is an urgent social issue in education.

A learning disability does not diminish the individuality of a human being capable of growth and potential development, albeit from an alternate style of learning. The enormous social issue facing educators is how to adapt curriculum to all students within the mainstream classrooms.

A deeper understanding of impulsive actions and reactions provides answers for better possibilities to adapt regular education classrooms. Flexibility in the classroom to accommodate all levels of learners is no longer an option, so the need to understand why students do what they do leads to more successful teaching and learning environments. Impulsive actions and reactions are natural experiences of the process in human development that all children face. If adults are better prepared for how children attempt to reach adulthood, impulsivity may not impede teaching and learning.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (1965/2004) mandates the placement of special education students in the least restrictive environment creating a paradigm shift in special education student rights to a free and appropriate education. All students deserve the right to the best educational opportunities, despite learning disabilities.

Nutritional Alternatives

As a member of the Feingold Association of the United States www.feingold.org since 1976, my family continues to benefit using nutritional alternatives to prescription drug intervention. Personal family success stories of how to use the Feingold program is available upon request. Use the CONTACT page on this website to send a request.