Dr. Marsha Swindler

Doctorate Degree in Special Education

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  • inservice training sessions for teachers
  • curriculum ideas for special education students in the mainstream
  • suggestions for adapting curriculum
  • providing equal opportunities to learn from alternate styles of comprehension
  • Multiple Intelligence inventory of strengths
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Curriculum Vitae

Marsha Swindler


Ph.D. August 2007 Walden University
Education: Special Education
M.A. January 2002 Azusa Pacific University
Education: Teaching
B.A. May 2000 Azusa Pacific University
Human Development

Pacific Oaks College Adjunct Professor and Fieldwork Supervisor
Dec 2013-March 2014
  Special Education Associate Faculty
March 2014-Present
  Administrative Faculty
Jan 2014-Present
  Interim Dean-School of Education
Dec 2014-May 2015
Don Julian Elementary 5th Grade (Immersion-ELL): teacher
Sept 2001-January 2004
Arcadia High Resource English and Investigating Math: teacher
Sept 2000 - June 2001
Arcadia High School, Arcadia CA: Paraprofessional
Sept 1994-June 2000
  Assisted, interacted with and implemented alternative learning- along with direct student intervention in Math and Science programs  
Arcadia High School-Summer School: Paraprofessional
June 1985-August 1995
  Assisted, interacted with, and informal counseling of resource students; Assisted, designed, and implemented alternative learning program: Math and Science  
Dana Junior High School: Paraprofessional
Sept 1983-June 1994
  Observed and interacted with faculty/staff concerning resource students; Assisted, designed, and implemented alternative learning-specifically Math and Science  
El Monte Union High School District, El Monte CA: pre-school assistant
Sept 1981 – June 1983



Conversational Spanish

Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Pi Lambda Theta: International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education

Available upon request

Pacific Oaks College 2013-present

December 2014-May 2015: Served in a leadership capacity as interim dean for School of Education (SOE) as chair on faculty and administrative committees, and as an advocate for students in SOE


Established 2002: Continuous maintenance and updates to use an online teaching tool: website www.drswindler.com

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences is currently listed on the website http://www.drswindler.com/intelligence.php

Ongoing scholarly research includes the recent development of a video library for the website www.drswindler.com added in 2014-2015.

Website most recently utilized in 2013-2015 as a teaching and training tool, added supplemental materials to the Education Specialist program syllabi in support of candidates enrolled in the Education Specialist credential program, the BA ECE dual program: Multiple Subject and Education Specialist credentials, and the MA in Education with Education Specialist credential program. http://www.drswindler.com/contact.php

Fall 2014 Pacific Oaks College candidates identified an area of need in classroom discussions, online and on ground: What additional support do Educational Specialist and Multiple Subject teachers receive in the classroom when diverse learners are included in the regular daily curriculum and instruction? What does that support look like?

In answer to the candidate requests, three video presentations are now included on the website, that of an Occupational Therapist (OT) Summer 2014, a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) Fall 2014, a Clinical Psychologist Fall 2014, and the Paraprofessional video that was developed in Spring 2015 will be added this summer. Candidates use the video library to support their research and course work. http://www.drswindler.com/video.php

Plans to expand the video library include the most recent request from the CTC: a co-teaching video will be added before Fall 2015.

In addition, a video demonstration of formal testing procedures to be utilized in teaching the SPED courses will be added as a support to candidates learning to use and to administer and score any norm referenced, cognitive assessments, such as the Woodcock Johnson IV (WJ IV), and Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA). The Stanford-Binet IQ test will be included in the video demonstration by Spring 2016.


All written publications are available and can be found online: http://www.drswindler.com/manuscripts.php

Principles of Human Development (2004)

Principles of Organizational and Social Systems (2005)

Theories of Intelligence, Learning, and Motivation for Persons with Special Needs (2006)

Institutional Contexts for Special Education: Leadership, Learning, and Accommodation (2006)

Effects of Teacher Training for Individual Differences to Improve the Academic Performance of Special Education Inclusion Students (2007)

PUBLIC SPEAKING INQUIRY http://www.drswindler.com/about.php

Recognizing Social Issues in Education

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