Dr. Marsha Swindler

Doctorate Degree in Special Education


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  • inservice training sessions for teachers
  • curriculum ideas for special education students in the mainstream
  • suggestions for adapting curriculum
  • providing equal opportunities to learn from alternate styles of comprehension
  • Multiple Intelligence inventory of strengths
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Classroom teachers in general education today are required to work with many professionals due to the inclusion guidelines currently found in all aspects of education. In the video library various support personnel provide an introduction to the services teachers can expect to see when a child with special needs requires assistance. Each video offers suggestions to teachers, parents, and/or administrators, all of whom work with children with special needs. After you view the video please feel free to send a reply with any follow up questions or concerns. If you have a request for a video presentation, please send your reply to the link on the website.

Lisa Harris - Occupational Therapist :34 min

Adele Baquet - Speech and Language Pathologist :49 min

Dr. Stephanie Bailey - Clinical Psychologist :84 min

Peggy the Paraprofessional :17 min

Shannon Corder - Transfer Specialist :50 min

Donna Wetrich - Professor :47 min

Harris - Diet vs Drugs for ADHD :24 min